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I´ll be making a Sand Book by the Paraná River, at Rosario´s public beach in May.

There´s a Perfomance meeting 5, 6 and 7 th May and I´ll be writting along the riverside all the words related to the shore.

I´m inviting you to write here all your ideas, thoughts and poetry about this to include it in my sandbook. You can also add images that I´ll print and set at the beach, or send postcards of you own shore....

Do someone want to make some Sandbook at the same time?

We can share photos and ideas. Let me know...

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sería muy interesante que haga un libro de arena en simultáneo en la costa del rio Uruguay en la playa frente a Botnia-UPM en Gualeguaychú. Me atrae mucho la idea.

Dejame unos días para que me organice y te confirmo si lo puedo hacer en simultáneo con vos.

Un saludo desde Gualeguaychú.

Raúl Albanece

Sería buenísimo Raúl... Este proyecto va enlazado con un encuentro de Performance que se realiza en mayo en Rosario y posiblemente con otras acciones que organiza la RED de Libro de Artista, allí también armé una discusión:

En Febrero estuve realizando unas acciones en la playa rosarina mientras el grupo TRICOTERAS estuvo en el islote Curupí frente a Paraná.

Podés ver algo en mi blog:

Seguimos en contacto.

I like this idea

it is autumn and nearly winter at that time here (May). I am at the beach and swim every day. I may be part of this idea. maybe I will draw, or maybe the periwinkles have already done a drawing for me.

These marks were made by periwinkles as they feed on the rock platform at low tide.

I can only read English, sorry 

Wow!!! I really like your photo... I´ll print it for the Sand book postcards collection.

My english is not very good... sorry. I never see a periwinkle ¿How do they look like?

This is a CAMALOTE floatting plant that lives in the Paraná River.


Here are some periwinkles. They are sea snails. The ones in the top photo are larger about 10 - 12 mm across and they are dark blue or navy blue  colour. The ones in the bottom 2 photos are about 5 mm across and light blue. They are my favourite to draw, in the low tide they hide in the crevices and around  bits of higher rock shapes. the larger ones hide down in cracks in the rocks.

I love the drawings they make and each tide, each day it is all different again. sorry these scans are not are good as the other drawing came through the paper. Some are a bit blurry as my book got wet in the rain. I hope you like them. I will do better scans if you would like to use them in your book

I look forward to seeing your photos of  them at  the beach
I love these drawings, Judy. Do you have any for sale? And/or, would you like to submit them to a journal as well. I'm one of the editors of Fogged Clarity:


thanks for  your feedback

  sorry I don't have these for sale they are in my sketch books, but i have done heaps of them over the years.

i do have some oil stick drawings on paper that are for sale,

if you email me I will discuss your journal request,   

check out my my pages on artist books 3.0

and print universe


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