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An Encyclopedia of Everything - The Expanded Version

Started by cheryl penn. Last reply by cheryl penn on Friday. 390 Replies

An Encyclopedia of Everything was put on Exhibition during the month of October at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban South Africa. An on-line catalogue is available for download from…Continue

3.0 # 14 (Holes)

Started by cheryl penn. Last reply by sally chinea on Monday. 192 Replies

Ok - by popular demand :-) - please put your names here - 2 formats or one?? I would think a long accordion format would suffice? But I'm taking orders from contributors.  So far the Accordion looks…Continue

Collaboration Number 15!

Started by cheryl penn. Last reply by Jo-anne Mary Southorn Feb 20. 65 Replies

As book makers we all write - narratives - linear/nonlinear/poetry/prose.  The point of this collaboration is to produce a book which highlights this.  It may be illustrated or not, it may be an…Continue

3.0 # 13 (ANYTHING you are busy with/subject of your choice)

Started by cheryl penn. Last reply by cheryl penn Sep 19, 2014. 311 Replies

As the title suggests, this collaboration is open to interpretation/subject matter and can act as a support with whatever you are currently busy with. Deadline - July. Two formats:Pamphlet…Continue

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Comment by cheryl penn on December 13, 2014 at 1:31

Some gorgeous visual poetry collaborations with Marie Wintzer - altered photographs of clay books.

Comment by cheryl penn on November 5, 2014 at 19:16

Marie Wintzer (Japan)has just uploaded our two collaborative books, made for An Encyclopedia of Everything on

SO exciting :-)!

Comment by cheryl penn on October 14, 2014 at 18:19

Philip - there are MANY ways of collaborating - luckily :-)! Once I have your inbox up I will email you - but thank you for your interest and welcome to collaborative books - as a group we're now on our FOURTEENTH collaboration - will be very pleased to have you onboard! 

Comment by Philip on October 14, 2014 at 4:54

I'm new here and a little (!) lost...  I love the idea of collaborative works and would like to try to join in.  I'm US citizen residing in central Mexico, with somewhat limited resources locally and still grappling with Spanish.

What can I do to join in?

Comment by cheryl penn on September 5, 2014 at 19:19


Collaboration for An Encyclopedia of Everything and Other Matters.I’m certain everyone has those tasks, perceived as gargantuan that get left and left until The Day when they must be tackled.  And, they ARE as huge as you thought they would be, but what a relief once they’re done. Plagiarism was such an undertaking. But now it is done - and its beautiful.  Back in 2011 I took a paper I had written, plus assorted documents I had NOT written, pulped them, and remade the paper.  These pages are then embedded text and images remade. I asked artists (some members of IUOMA) if they would like to receive two sets of pages, air their views on plagiarism and return them to me. And most of them did.  The recycled paper, is brittle (commercial paper has very short fibers and once remade becomes even more fragile) and thick. I knew binding would be a massive task as the artists had all treated the pages differently, some even removing the gutter section! On Monday I hauled it out of its tomb and for the first time in 3 years the folios saw the light of day.  I deemed yesterday TO BE THE DAY! Eventually I opted for Coptic binding which was difficult with the fragility of the paper so I firstly reinforced each signature with Japanese paper. It took a LONG time with much muttering - BUT it is done.  And it’s a striking, unique book.  Many thanks to the following artists who returned their pages.  I WILL be sending some sort of documentation as I promised.

List of Participants

“E” - France

Rob Grant - Australia

Rosa Gravino - Argentina

Judith Heartsong - USA

Lisa Iverson - USA

Diane Keys - USA

Susanna Lakner - Germany

Lesley Magwood Fraser - South Africa

Katerina Nitoltsou - Greece

Bifidus Jones - USA

Cheryl Penn - South Africa

Svetlana Pesetskaya - Russia

Nancy Bell Scott - USA

Judy Skolnik - USA

Jen Staggs - USA

Guido Vermeulen - Belgium

Nadine Wendell Mojica - USA

Marie Wintzer - Japan


Comment by cheryl penn on August 19, 2014 at 16:05

Catherine, I will certainly look - thank you :-).  Please note - there were other Elegy to the Tree works, BUT they were not the book size of An Encyclopedia of Everything.  These works will go on show, but not as part of this installation X

Comment by catherine mc cue boes on August 19, 2014 at 14:34

Looks ok Cheryl, thanks for listing the review of my exhibition, Doug Spowart is a great supporter of artist books, so if you visit the site please make comments, Doug has taken up the Siganto Foundation on Artist books research.

See below. 

About the 2014 Siganto Foundation Artists’ Book Research Fellowship from the application details:

The Siganto Foundation Artists’ Books Research Fellowship, proudly supported by the Siganto Foundation, is to be used by an individual to undertake original research on one aspect of artists’ book practice, theory or history, making use of the resources contained within the collections of the State Library of Queensland’s Australian Library of Art. Subject to this general consideration, State Library allows the Fellow to determine expenditure of the funds and may require the Fellow to account for the funds awarded.

Comment by cheryl penn on August 19, 2014 at 2:39

And this one

3.0 # 13 (Anywhere you’re at)

3.0 # 13 (2) Kathleen Nartuhi – USA 

3.0 # 13  (20grs Maximo) Marcela Peral (Argentina)

3.0 # 13 (A Garden )  Klaus von Mirbach (Germany)

3.0 # 13 (A Victorian Hangman tells of his Love Poem by Bruce Dawe)            Catherine Mc Cue Boes (Australia)

3.0 # 13 (Architectural Decorations of Singapore)  Jesvin Yeo (Singapore)

3.0 # 13 (Asemic Writing) Cheryl Penn (South Africa)                                               3.0 # 13 (Before the Word) Judy Bourke (Australia)

3.0 # 13 (Blue Moon) TICTAC (Germany)

3.0 # 13 (Cuilan’s Vessel) Cheryl Penn (South Africa)                            

3.0 # 13 (съдина)  Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

3.0 # 13 (Imagine) Anete Ulmane (Latvia)

3.0 # 13 (Industrialized Objects) Theresa Easton (UK)

3.0 # 13 (Leda and the Swan) Catherine Mc Cue Boes (Australia)

3.0 # 13 (Machine Toys) Jack Oudyn (Australia)

3.0 #13 (Making Paper from Clothes) Stephanie Turnbull (UK)

3.0 # 13 (Mare Nostrum) Martine Rastello (France)

3.0 # 13 (Morning Coffee) Stephanie Turnbull (UK)

3.0 # 13 (My first Little Book of Fears) Robyn Foster (Australia)

3.0 # 13 (Pâte-sur-pâte Vessel) Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

3.0 # 13 (Poisonwood Bible Notes) Alicia Starr (USA)

3.0 # 13 (Reluctant Witnesses) TICTAC (Germany)

3.0 # 13 (Short Stories) TICTAC (Germany)

3.0 # 13 (The Ruin) Jac Balmer (UK)

3.0 # 13 (Touchstones) Ruth Shaw Williams (UK)


Comment by cheryl penn on August 19, 2014 at 2:39

IF you happen to see this message, please see if anything needs correcting/addition/alteration - thank you - its for the exhibition catalogue.

3.0 # 10 – Elegy to the Tree

Kathy Boyle - Australia

Lisa Iverson - USA

Sue Hobbs – South Africa

Laura Hudson – New Zealand

Catherine Mc Cue Boes

Kathleen Nartuhi – USA 

Cheryl Penn -   South Africa

Stephanie Turnbull – UK


3.0 # 11  Babel - Where the Babble Began 

Sue Hobbs - South Africa

Laura Hudson – New Zealand

Lisa Iverson - USA

Catherine mc Cue Boes - Australia (2 Versions)

Cheryl Penn – South Africa (2 Versions)

Marcela Peral - Argentina

Martine Rastello - France

Stephanie Turnbull - England

TICTAC – Germany


3.0 # 12 (Someone)

3.0 # 12 (46664 was SOMEBODY) Ken Ford (Australia)

3.0 # 12 (Kensa - Forty Years On) Kensa Rescorla (UK)

3.0 # 12 (Joseph Beuys) Svenja Wahl (Germany)

3.0 # 12 (Judy) Judy Bourke (Australia)

3.0 # 12 (Missing) Robyn Foster (Australia)

3.0 # 12 (Mona Lisa) Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

3.0 # 12 (Mrs Beryl Kitching) Catherine Mc Cue Boes (Australia

3.0 # 12 (Mrs Phyllis Attenborough) Catherine Mc Cue Boes (Australia)

3.0 # 12 (Ned Kelly) Stephanie Turnbull (UK)

3.0 # 12 (Patricia Florence)  Sue Hobbs (South Africa)

3.0 # 12 (Rorschach) Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

3.0 # 12 (She) Ruth Shaw Williams (UK)

3.0 # 12 (Someone Made This) Theresa Easton (UK)

3.0 # 12 (The Moth) Anete Ulmane (Latvia)

3.0 # 12 (To Be Somebody)  Petru Viljoen (South Africa)

3.0 # 12 (Turnbull) Stephanie Turnbull (UK)

3.0 # 12 (Victor Spillage) Christopher Skinner (UK)               


Comment by cheryl penn on August 2, 2014 at 20:10

Seeing as many of us have collaborated with Catherine, I think you should take a look at this link - what a fabulous exhibition. 


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