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I think it would be a good idea to have three choices as to the title? I think one would find they all cross-pollinate in any event. Please, we are ALL in the most experienced artist books makers.  We have been exchanging for quite a while and have come to know the quality we each expect from one another. This will be a free-form book I think, as dictated by the title, BUT - please be respectful towards your fellow participants. Hard/Strong cover, accordion, pamphlet stitch or folded book, A6 when closed, in size.


Martine Rastello

Jac Balmer

Cheryl Penn 


Svenja Wahl

Stephanie Turnbull

Jo-Anne Mary Southorn 

Kathleen Nartuhi


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Ptrzia, I found your beautiful pop-up book waiting for me this morning ! Thanks for that witty conceptual work !

Martine your beautiful book arrived last week.
Sorry for the late reply but I am living in London during the week and only home on weekends.

My books are almost finished I will get them done on the weekend and will post them shortly after that

thank you Martine for your comment! so nice to have feedback...:-)

Hi All

Martine I received your gorgeous book #17 Recycling Folding Colours today thank you.  I am running a bit late due to very heavy work commitments but hope all will be in the mail over the next week.

Martine, Ptrzia, both books have arrived safely. Very different and both beautiful. Thank you

Good to know that my books arrived safe !

Jac, I hope you haven’t posted all your books at the same time because I haven’t received it yet and France is very close to GB ... hope it isn’t lost !

thanks Jac for your comment, glad it has arrived.

Jac, I got your beautiful ’flowery’ book this morning ! This will be the first 'artist’s altered book’ in my collection, great ! Thank you.

hi Cheryl! your fab book has arrived...all to explore and enjoy. Many thanks!

#17 - Recycling, folding, colours.

Since December last year ALL I seem to be is apologising!! We are experiencing a severe drought in South Africa and this has meant THE BUGS that are circulating are horrendous.  I have not left the confines of the house for three weeks with a virulent flue but I've given it marching orders by Monday!!! Thanks all of you who continue to write and keep the discussion going.  As for my No 16 books - I'm sending ready or not - they're weird, disjointed and refuse to be, but I'm sending them together with a chapbook - otherwise they will do my head in!!! Anyone else had books that REFUSE to be???!

hope you get well soon, Cheryl, we need your leading energy over here :-)

books have a mind of their own, very unruly at times but when the battle is over there are only satisfactions!

big hugs


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