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I think it would be a good idea to have three choices as to the title? I think one would find they all cross-pollinate in any event. Please, we are ALL in the most experienced artist books makers.  We have been exchanging for quite a while and have come to know the quality we each expect from one another. This will be a free-form book I think, as dictated by the title, BUT - please be respectful towards your fellow participants. Hard/Strong cover, accordion, pamphlet stitch or folded book, A6 when closed, in size.


Martine Rastello

Jac Balmer

Cheryl Penn 


Svenja Wahl

Stephanie Turnbull

Jo-Anne Mary Southorn 

Kathleen Nartuhi


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Hi Jo, I still haven’t received your book. As all the people around me (GB and Germany) have received it, I hope it isn’t lost. I’ll let you know anyway. x

Hi Martine, I did post it but have a spare so do let me know.

Hi Cheryl

your book arrived today. What a great advertisment for not getting rid of those pieces you know will come in handy some day, even if you're not sure what for yet.


PS So whats next?

Thanks Jac :-) - I found a lonely book - I thought it was Jacs - it had his name on the envelope but now I know he has his, this belongs to someone else! Who has not got their book from me?

Jo, I did get your lovely book this morning ! It still has the smell of the ink ... love it ! Many thanks . 

Hi everybody,

I’ve got the whole collection #17. Many thanks to all of you for that great (again) collaboration !!

Hi Jo-anne,

Your lovely book arrived yesterday! Knowing that you used tea and fungi to dye the paper made it all the more interesting. Thank you!

We did it. All the books for the #17 collection have arrived. Thank you everyone, the wait was worth it!

I still have an extra book! Has EVERYONE got mine?? I will start a new collaboration next week.  Any suggestions on title?

Hi all

now that the ning website is shutting down how will we run swops in the future? Do we migrate to the facebook page(which I'll be honest I cannot understand how to work!) or do we set up a blog that we can all write to similar to  BookArtObject  or has anyone else got other suggestions. It would be a shame just to let this group slip away


Sad news indeed - I do not belong to Facebook either.  I can look into a goggle blog where everyone is invited to contribute? There are a few like that I have been invited to - just have to find out how they work exactly. I also would be sad to see the group disintegrate. 


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