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An Encyclopedia of Everything was put on Exhibition during the month of October at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban South Africa. An on-line catalogue is available for download from

There were nearly 400 books on exhibition and quite a few went to Reunion for another exhibition.  I have begun gathering again - apparently this installation does NOT think its done! Please contact me for details on swopping books - or join our collaborations in the Collaborative Book Group.  All books are documented here and on

In addition - May 2016 - Part 2 sort of ran into part 3, as 2015 sort of merged with 2016.  Books now number over 500. 




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Hi Cheryl. Those books above are gorgeous. Can you post the "call" here again. I thought it was just for a page or two that would be added to a larger volume. Susanna's above looks like it has boards/covers. Also, both books above have many pages and so obviously, that's okay. Is it preferable?

Hey  Angie - they are FULL small books - about 8 folded pages which gives 32 sides and hard/strong covers. It sounds like a lot, but the empty front/back page are already 4 sides.  One page with title and back page with colophon uses 8 sides.  You/Me make a complete book to swop.  That still ok??? I look forward to your sending :-) XX

Yes, still good but this is going to take me a while longer than I thought. 

A book for Martine Rastello (France) - NOT a very obedient book :-)! The title Martine and I were working on - Whiteness and Transparency. For each of these swops, if the title is suggested by the other artist, I make two books - one each.

Ouh la la Cheryl, you're well ahead of me ! I haven't started yet ! and I have two other books to make in the same direction ! Still prowling about in the studio !

As I wrote to you :- its a disobedient book - whiteness and transparency sounds light and ethereal - this is a heavy, solid book!!

Hello Cheryl, I have begun to sketch out some ideas for this and look forward to seeing the rest of the project come together. Great idea.


Hey Christopher :-) - its coming along, a long road, but hugely worth it.  Making books which will become an installation in their own right as encyclopedic is just marvelous!  Loking HUGELY forward to your sending - clues on subject??? :-) X


Ah, the subject! I will tell you just the theme, but no more...After considering a number of possible directions, my entry into The Encyclopedia of Everything is - NOTHING!

I hope this piques your interest and leaves you wanting more!


Ok, I'm piqued :-))!

Cheryl, I have started at last !! Don't know what will come out (and when) of the mess which is on my table but ... just a question of work and patience !

GREAT news Martine - I have come to the conclusion books CHOOSE when to be 'born'  - one cannot hurry them at all - the next three examples are a case in point.  They were begun at various times last year, but have only requested completion now :-) XX

Cut-Up on Transgressed Pages - for Dean Marks (France)

Cut-Up (Book 4) - I make large paintings which are cut up into A6 size cards and used as mail art or book covers. The series is titled The Authentic Massacre of the Innocent Image - Cede The Deed was pointing number 28, some of which have been 4m long!!! The cut-up pieces are accompanied by poetry or short prose.

This is the 4th and 5th one in this series - for  Phillip Peterson (USA) and Warren Smith (USA) 


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Available to everyone: Robert Jacks & Printed Matter 

10 September - 24 October 2016

Printed Matter is pleased to announce Available to Everyone: Robert Jacks and Printed Matter, curated by Peter Anderson.

The exhibition presents two connected bodies of material: a survey of artists’ books by Australian painter, sculptor and bookmaker Robert Jacks (1942-2014), and an extensive selection of publications drawn from Jacks’ own collection, many of which were purchased from Printed Matter in the early years of the organization.




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