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So has anyone used an iphone as an ebook reader yet? Is it any good? Is there potential for making good book art with, or for, them? And has anyone actually made any yet?

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If one takes into account the intense censorship Apple exerts on its iphone content, in theory it shouldnt be posible to do much more than My Little Pony etc..I personally feel very ambivalent about making anything that goes anywhere near an iphone for these reasons. Reading betwen the lines iphone has an increasingly (Christian) fundamentalist outlook on content which is arguably anathema to the personal freedoms, intellectual autonomy and responsibilities of artistic practice.
There's a couple of articles here about the ever tightening censorship Apple exerts:
Thanks Eleanor, I had no idea the censorship was so bad. Not owning an i-phone I haven't really played with making apps or things like that.
Ok, so maybe not the iphone... but any other mobile phone book works?
I've been using my iphone (3G) as an ebook reader for 2 years. My husband and I traveled in Europe for about a month and I read 5 novels with no regrets what so ever. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you adjust the screen color & text color etc. it becomes as "transparent" as any standard book. I read on it at home as well. We're traveling again this spring and I've got a guide book loaded in. Thus far the only app that seems usable for book art would be the Good Reader which works with pdf files. Will report back once I try re-creating one of my artist books on it. Have not run into censorship problems with any of the novels I've read on it -- and there was definitely potential for super moralists to object. I don't think novel content has been attacked (yet).
Thats great feedback - thanks Zea - and please do let us know how you get on with pdf'ing your work into Good Reader.
Hi, the problem with the readers is that they don't well display Formating (for example CSS Style), for a deskop computer you can download Calibre.


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