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Also looking for somewhere to buy sheets of acrylic for monoprinting... any ideas anyone?

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Try - look for plastic plates
Thanks, but I live in the UK. :)
Hi Abigail we can buy sheets of acrylic at hardware/handyman shops in Australia for relatively cheaply. Maybe you can in UK too?
Thanks Sandra, I think I am going to try a framers or something as they will have both glass and plastic I hope. I have been trying to avoid DIY shops for it though because I have a feeling it will be more expensive than it should be. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good cheap supplier. If I find one I will let the board know. :)

Hi I use Perspex  for my momoprints, have also used table tops old doors and so on. I get my plastic from the glasstec. cheers c

i use polycarbonate. get it from glass suppliers. a bit more expensive but it  will last forever and not crack and be able to break like perspex.

you can buy whole sheets  and score  it with a sharp knife and rip  the smaller pieces from the larger sheet. or get the suppliers to cut up to size for you.

any kind of plastic, rigid or flexible is suitable. even plastic types of packaging materials are suitable. lids of ice cream containers. cut off the edges.

Hi everybody - though it seems a bit late to answer (I'm new !) I use the glass (which is plastic in fact) in the already made frames that you can buy in all stores when you want to frame a picture. They come in all the current frames sizes : 13*18 cm, 18*24cm, 24*30, 30*40, 40*50, 50*70 and 70*100. But I live in France so ... ??


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