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I am wondering if any of you could please recommend  papers for printmaking intaglio( e.g. collagraph, drypoint or etching)  onto other than the ‘western’ type papers.

I want to make intaglio prints onto papers that are easily pliable that bed easily and retain their surface without going all damaged looking.
I would like to be able to roll up it up and place it into  a cardboard tube or even to be able to fold it up as can be seen from the photos I have enclosed as examples.

Thus far those done on western papers, when rolled up and then later returned and unrolled   become irrevocably damaged.

I enclose photos of 2 of Kiki Smiths artworks/ etching prints,  which are itemised as having been printed on Nepalese papers.  However the info I have been able to get hold of thus far, in this regard,  on the internet hasn’t been helpful.



I would think that the paper would need to be strong even if it's somewhat lightweight i.e. not lower than e.g.,   say about 65 gsm ??.

It can be any non western paper and doesn’t have to be from any particular country. 

 Unfortunately I can not afford prices that are too high.
Machine made is OK too as long as it is archival

Hope  you can help.

Aine Scannell


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Aine l've looked all over and can't see Nepal paper like this for sale anywhere. It must be specially imported. I even looked on ebay and found these odd items.

To me the paper looks almost like silk. I did some printing on silk on my MA. It was plain fine white silk which I bought in a craft shop and it was sold as tie dye/batik silk. It had a slight sheen like the paper above. It might be too floppy for what you need, but it did print quite well. I used it for photographic etching. I've attached a picture of one experiment.
Graphic Chemical has a really great line of papers, including a huge number of "non-Western" papers. The Gampi papers are excellent, as is Gozen, Inshu K-009 Kozo Natural, Oguni Shikishi-Fudagami, Oguni Shikishi Kakishibu are just a few examples of thin sheets that work well for intaglio, letterpress and/or litho. A good manuy of the suitable sheets are less than the 65 gsm weight suggested above. Strength is far more important in some respects than weight. Check the website for more

I would suggest that you use  some Nepalese papers.they are long and strong fibres. I have bought several weights. some as fine as silk but strong . roll up and unrol easily.  i use Lokta paper. from the lokta plant. made in Bhaktapur, Nepal. 40gsm is light and strong.

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