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I have been invited to do a session on Etsy (and DUST) at a marketing workshop being held this weekend by our local arts organisation. I expect most attendees will not know much if anything about my topic. (DUST = Down Under Street Team of Etsy sellers)
I am hoping you will ask me some questions here about Etsy as a way of me getting an idea of what kind of questions to expect. Ask away!

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i take on board your suggestion to add artist books to the name of my shop, but i will also offer other things, like prints, sculptures, textiles and other stuff
should i have a different shop for everything separately? this could be a bit confusing for me and for customers.
thanks for encouraging me to take the time to think really hard about my shop name
I will start another shop as you suggested.
I consider my name is my brand. i have had a web site promoting my name for over 15 years now and it has worked well.
once i used a dicky name and couldn't always remember what i had put so i didn't easily go back to that online community site.
i have asked other artists over the last few weeks and we all decided that our name is our brand and we will always use our name even when we are advised not to by some who set set up community sites.
i don't have suitable studio name yet
i wish i could be at your groups discussion on the topic.l when i'm going past coffs next i'll call in if you're around, probably not till the end of July or early august
Thanks for your replies Kelly and Judy. I unfortunately don't have much time for considered replies this week but I will definitely come back (post forum) next week and add more. I just wanted to quickly say -
Kelly - Good questions! Your questions have juicy answers. I will take them on board for the forum and answer you more fully next week.
Judy - One shop is enough! There is an ongoing debate in the Etsy forums regarding this question of multiple shops but as a general answer I would (at this point) say stick to a single shop. If you want to sell more than just books in your shop, perhaps think again about your name. I'm interested to see you think the same about branding with your name as I do. Can you add a more generic term for your artistic production to your name instead of Artist Books? Maybe JudyBourkeArt or JudyBourkeArtist etc etc etc. Keep thinking. I will be interested to see what you come up with. I love this discussion because I am learning too!
Thanks again,
more next week
yes i think that i will make a shop name, 1 shop only, using my name and artist or visual artist or something, like that. i'll let you know what i come up with and run it past you and the discussion group on this site. i['m getting there
thanks very much
have you been to see the CPM prints at tweed gallery? i have a work in that show


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