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Through. Non_human

Through. Non_human
is a part of a series of books, which vary in mood, energy, techniques and materials used, united by the common GENERAL topic:
" The Life in the gap_in the interval_in the suspension.
Categories of blankness.
Personification or Dissolution?.
Forms of energy flow”.

"The Life of a Living Drop -
does not only consist of Up and Down stations
but it is also made up of floating along the Way.
The drop remembers the sea, the sky and remains a mediator of breath
and Connected with the UBIQUITOUS Center.
In this eternal Gap,
Between the steps,
it blurs the border between the inner and the outer, between polarities, between “yes” and “no”, between inhales \ exhales,
in equilibrium.

The Ambassador of Transparency,
the drop explores the possible Transition.
Not only the environment, the background, the ways of manifestations and movement change-
but also the drop, remaining itself, blank and clear.
it is like a window in a train compartment... where all may happen...
without stops. without landing. Glory to Simple Sliding!
Only forward!

Only the Experience of living observation
of what happens with
initially equal, equivalent spaces
which HAVE BEEN labeled as carriers of static "sacredness"
to save them from the imposed dictate and the anthropomorphic Presence.
Does the glow intensity of fields change?
Does the open air influence the flight of the drop and us and our Flow?
Are we are becoming Better when we are obliged to Move Forward?

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