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One of the difficulties in getting ready for this retrospect exhibition is what to put in and what to leave out . The exhibition must also work as a whole.  My original idea was to exhibit a range of…

One of the difficulties in getting ready for this retrospect exhibition is what to put in and what to leave out . The exhibition must also work as a whole.  My original idea was to exhibit a range of artist books produced over the last 30 years, however this has not been easy, as a lot of the books are in need of repair work and some need recovered, As an artist who likes to compact my images into a vessel that is easy to view and handle, book form  was a great option. I am not a book binder, nor do I have the skills and tools to support such a practice, I am an artist who loves the fact that in book form my images may be viewed up close and personal, closed and opened, moved and handled.

 My current task is to exhibit a range of artist books, each one representing a theme relating to my past and current work. These books are hand bound and are produced using printmaking /photographic and computer generated techniques and are usually accompanied by selected pages from the books that cant be viewed all at once.

I also intend to exhibit a selection of artist books form my collection, these include a large folio of original etchings and engravings of rococo designs dated around 1800s. Other artist books to be exhibited are the those from the Artist books 3.0 exchange as well as a few others.

To achieve all this I needed to document all of my own books as well as these in the collection, as the overall look of the exhibition is very important I needed to visualise how all these artist books would work as a whole. My next problem is exhibition display, the best way to present these artist books so they don't look like a book fair. 

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Comment by catherine mc cue boes on March 11, 2014 at 8:29

Thanks Wendy I hadn't thought  of a chair, good one,  I would like most of the books to be handled and enjoyed.

Cheers Catherine

Comment by Wendy J. Allen on March 10, 2014 at 19:02

One technique I have used is to have books displayed on plinths but also to have copies on a low table with a couple of armchairs available so people can read them - books are meant for reading after all.  Obviously its not possible with fragile older specimens, but some more robust ones helps to bridge the gap between library and exhibition.

Comment by catherine mc cue boes on March 2, 2014 at 9:11

Thanks for that Cheryl I think I  do need a secretary, I must handle every book many times usually because I forgot to write the page numbers and or size of book, but I am getting there. I have just finished getting all the material for the catalogue design, this task is being completed by a local graphic designer. But your right my mind is on the creating and making  not on the administration, my next problem is how to display 40 plus books without it looking like dropped books on a table, I can see this is becoming an expensive exhibition. If anyone has an ideas for book display please let me know. 

Comment by cheryl penn on March 1, 2014 at 18:54

Catherine, documentation is so important I think - and it occupies a different head space to MAKING.  For the E of E for example, I write about the books as and when i can, photograph them, and then once they are posted I put them into a refence list and number them.  Unless one has a secretary (!) this is an arduous task - by very worthwhile.  I have separated the documentation into three sections - the writing, (alphabetical) the photographs (the numbering as and when they are recorded) and a listing.  I am not certain how I am going to combine it all into one catalogue at the end, but at least I have all the information at hand - good luck! :-)XX 

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