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After almost 10 years, we are making a publication that documents the projet MOBILIVRE BOOKMOBILE project, an exhibition of artist books, zines and independent publications that traveled across the US and Canada from 2001-2005. Along the way, we also gave a lot of workshops and talks, and collaborated with many amazing groups and individuals. We want to share the project with a larger group of people, in a way that feels in keeping with the BOOKMOBILE: an actual, printed book!

FEATURING WRITING by Jon Davies, Andy Cornell, Lauren Jade Martin, Isabelle St. Amand & John Hartmann

FEATURING ARTWORK by Ginger Brooks Takahashi

FEATURING TOUR STORIES, PHOTOS AND COMICS by Anna Leventhal, Bita Mary Eslami, Rebecca Watt, Hannah Jickling, Peter Burr, Andy Cornell, Jesse Purcell, Sarah Evans, Mary Tremonte, Catherine St-Amand, Lisbeth Pelsue, Mariev Robitaille, Melissa Cresswell & Sonja Ahlers

BOOK DESIGN by Cecilia Berkovic

EDITED by Leila Pourtavaf, Courtney Dailey & Onya Hogan-Finlay

As some of the folks who initiated the BOOKMOBILE, we believe that it is valuable to write the story ourselves, to tell the tales of the making and of the doing, from the road and from the studio. The book contains photographs, selections of books and zines that were part of the BOOKMOBILE’s touring collections, tour guide diaries, and of course, comics! 

We also wanted to engage some great writers who are supporters outside of the project to add perspective and critique. The BOOKMOBILE was always a scrappy project: we made everything we could with very few resources. We were all volunteers, and all of the artists/writers/zinemakers who gave us their work to tour around did so with only hope and trust (and no exhibition fees!). We always aimed for workshops to be as free as they could be, and relied on the support of community resources to make that happen. 

If you were inspired after a visit by the MOBILIVRE in your town; if you submitted your zine and it traveled in the Airstream trailer to schools, parks and infoshops where excited audiences were able to see your work; if you learned how to make intricate and carefully constructed books or the roughly stapled zines from one of our tourguides (for free!), then NOW IS THE TIME TO GIVE A BIT OF SUPPORT! And if you can donate $35, you’ll get your very own copy of the book. 


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Available to everyone: Robert Jacks & Printed Matter 

10 September - 24 October 2016

Printed Matter is pleased to announce Available to Everyone: Robert Jacks and Printed Matter, curated by Peter Anderson.

The exhibition presents two connected bodies of material: a survey of artists’ books by Australian painter, sculptor and bookmaker Robert Jacks (1942-2014), and an extensive selection of publications drawn from Jacks’ own collection, many of which were purchased from Printed Matter in the early years of the organization.




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