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This is a Dada-inspired operation: rejecting standards and saying no to conventions. It is a rejection of the business/commercial motivations and logic, an extravagant affair conducted following a set of 10 COMMANDMENTS by the artist.
1. DEMOCRACY. To allow everybody to enjoy my photographs without having to spend a fortune.
2. ATTENTION. All of my LIBRO D'ARTISTA come in multiple editions, but each edition is a unique work that is distinguished from the others by the variety of the photographs within. A collector understands that what I deliver to him is similar to, and yet different from, all the others. This uniqueness is attention, and it is my tribute to the collector.
3. MULTIPLICITY. There are many editions, theoretically as many as all of the possible combinations of all of the photographs contained within. This expands the potential audience for the collection.
4. LESS. Every new edition costs a little more than the preceding one, therefore the first collectors who are more ready to believe in my work are rewarded with a better price.
5. NO. No to the law of the marketplace that requires that the first edition of the LIBRO D'ARTISTA be more precious and expensive than the later ones. No to the intermediaries and distributors, who place themselves between artists and collectors, i.e. between artists and those who want their art.
6. PRODUCED ON DEMAND. Each of my LIBRO D'ARTISTA is produced only by special order.
7. HANDMADE. The book is made personally by me and my wife.
8. DEDICATED. The book is dedicated to the collector.
9. RELATIONSHIP. The special ordering of the LIBRO — its making, its dedication, and its delivery — are constructions and moments in a relationship.
10. DADA. Is all this absurd?
It's DADA!

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Available to everyone: Robert Jacks & Printed Matter 

10 September - 24 October 2016

Printed Matter is pleased to announce Available to Everyone: Robert Jacks and Printed Matter, curated by Peter Anderson.

The exhibition presents two connected bodies of material: a survey of artists’ books by Australian painter, sculptor and bookmaker Robert Jacks (1942-2014), and an extensive selection of publications drawn from Jacks’ own collection, many of which were purchased from Printed Matter in the early years of the organization.




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